Seven Trees Capital

Brand Design, Style Gude
December 2021
Agency Credit: Digital Reach Agency

7TC is a crypto fund with a focus on DeFi. They provide an end-to-end gateway to the cutting edge of crypto investment opportunities.

My role in this project was to create their logo and style guide while leveraging my creative teammates for their feedback and help as needed. We aimed to strike the perfect balance between serious and fun, while giving them a highly flexible, evolvable design system.
⏰ Time
The client had a very limited timeline and needed this put together within 5 weeks.

💵 Budget
The client's budget was also quite limited with this being a pre-investors startup.

Measuring success
😍 The brand experience
If we would get the brand and style guide to a place that felt compelling, engaging, and aligned with their vision, it would be a win!

✨ Easy to use
The client would be passing this along to another team who would be developing their pitch deck, so it would have to be very easy to use.
After completing a 3 hour Brand Sprint session with the client, I put together 3 different moodboards to convey different directions. I had my fellow designer take a look and provide feedback, which helped me tweak the final product. Ultimately, we were able to refine one of them into the perfect experience of warmth and sophistication. This served as the guiding light for the next step.
Behind-the-scenes look at the moodboard process
Behind-the-scenes look at the moodboard process
The winning moodboard concept!
The winning moodboard concept!
The logo system
Flexible, timeless, tech-forward, minimalist. These were our primary goals for this logo system. I enlisted the help of a freelance designer to start exploring different iterations of the 7T initials (the client was committed to having this be their icon). From these initial iterations, I was able to build the final one that felt most balanced and met those primary goals.
Initial exploration
Initial exploration
Final concept
Final concept
Style Guide
After approving the logo system, I put together an abbreviated yet thorough style guide they could send to their pitch deck team to start applying their new brand style right away. My co-designer, Cara, helped develop the gorgeous gradients that they could pull from.
What worked
⏰ Time
Despite the accelerated timeline, we were able to deliver the packaged files right on time!

🎉 The right logo
The client absolutely loved the logo we developed and felt it was the perfect balance of modern, flexible, and sophisticated.
What didn't
😵‍💫 A bit of confusion
There was some confusion for the pitch deck team when it came time to implement some of the style elements, specifically the icons. Next time, I'll be sure to offer more specific guidance there.

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