Many designers tend to dedicate their careers to one type of design, but I love learning new mediums. It gives me a fresh perspective, letting me see things in a new way...and I think that improves my work, overall.

Hello! I'm Tracey Johnson, a Designer in Fort Worth, Texas.

In my experience designing print and digital collateral for brands like Wonderschool and Gozova, I've developed a deep understanding of the collaborative process that yields beautiful, impactful design to speak to an audience. I now use these skills along with my Marketing background to design thoughtfully crafted Brand Identities for entrepreneurs. ​​​​​​​
No job is too small. 

I've designed everything from business cards & websites to entire Logo & Brand Systems. Other comps include: 
- Flyers
- One-Pagers
- Presentations
- Websites (non e-commerce)
- Social Media creative
- Email Templates
- Custom Illustrations
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